Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Law of Attraction

This is the Law of Attraction. Scientifically, you may think of it as harmony, like in music. Sounds that are of a matching frequency and wavelength will resonate and create harmony. They build upon each other. In fact, they activate each other. When you strike a pitching fork when in a silent room, any object that would resonate with the sound coming from that tuning fork will begin to vibrate and hum in resonance! Do you see the science behind that? Like energy attracts and builds, unlike energy repels and destroys.

Ok, now let us look at something else. In the above example, it must have occurred to you that it is the vibration from the tuning fork that activated other objects in the room to vibrate as well. Vibration. That is the key. Everything in this universe is made of energy. In fact, it is not made of energy, it is energy. It is only your five senses that trick you into seeing forms. Forms are simply the brain’s interpretation of various energy activities. Now, all energy vibrates. You vibrate. In fact, you are like a giant transmitter and receiver, always sending out and receiving frequencies. That is why you hear a cheap radio crackle with interference when you walk near the antennae. So let us get that settled. You vibrate, and that vibration rate changes. For example, when you are happy, you vibrate faster and you feel lighter. And vice versa. In fact, everything becomes lighter as it increases its vibration (think of ice becoming water and then steam through the action of heating and thus raising vibration). So you vibrate and so does everything else.

So what? Simple. Let us quickly review.

1. Vibration is in everything, including you and the things you desire in your goals.

2. Like vibration matches, attracts, and builds. Unlike vibration repels and destroys.

3. This is a Universal Law that never once decides to act otherwise. You can call it the Law of Attraction. It is based on the scientific working of energy, the stuff we and everything else is.

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