Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Secret? It's Out, It's Old, and It's Obvious

The Blog Joan Z. Shore: The Secret? It's Out, It's Old, and It's Obvious The Huffington Post:

"What has seized America? Not a new guru, not a new sect, but a little group of people who claim to have discovered, and are now promulgating, the Secret of the Ages.
This is no small claim. And yet their formula is embarrassingly simplistic: 'Like Attracts Like.'
This is not brain surgery or quantum physics."

It is the Power of Positive Thinking all over again. It is Werner Erhard, Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra all rolled into one. Only, it has been given a short, catchy name and it has been launched at a time in our world where everyone is looking for a rapid answer and a quick fix.
We do not have time to read philosophy, to engage in esoteric discussions, or to formulate theories. Even psychotherapy is too long and too costly an undertaking. We want the ready-made, the microwaved, the heat-and-serve, the wash-and-wear; we do not want to be bothered with serious study and careful analysis. We want answers at a discount, nicely packaged and ready to go.

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