Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TNT It Rocks The Earth and The Magic of Believing

In my constant search for knowledge (that sounds good right?) I am always looking for new things to read.
Last month I happened across Claude Bristol.
Claude was born in 1891 and he was a soldier in World War 1.
Before that he was a police reporter and a church editor of a large city newspaper.
Claude kind of stumbled onto his path because as a church editor, he got to talk to a wide variety of people with a wide variety of beliefs.
Doing like a lot of us do, and spurred on by his police reporter background, he started digging into those beliefs, looking for a common thread which he found.
When he was a soldier he decided that when he got back to civilian life "he would have a lot of money" and set out to discover how he could do that.
He relied a lot on philosopher William James' statement that "Belief creates its verification in fact", which will sound very familiar to you Neville Goddard fans out there.
And yes...things did begin to work out for him.

So far I have read two of his books, "TNT It Rocks The Earth" and "The Magic of Believing" and I have to tell you, they are small books but full of a LOT of great ideas.
You can find them both online as PDFs for free and also audio versions on YouTube.
(I wouldnt even mention them if you couldnt get hold of them for free)

Now here is a very unique source of info on the The Magic of Believing.....


Sir said...

You have a gift. You should be writing more often. Share your thoughts....they are positive and very helpful to others !

Sir said...

Please continue sharing your thoughts and information. They are helpful.

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