Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Neville Goddard - Feeling Is The Secret

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Back in 2010 I posted a lot of Neville's book, "Feeling Is The Secret".
Well it's three years later and I'm reading it again and this part really sticks out to me....

"To impress the subconscious with the desirable state, you must assume the feeling that would be yours had you already realized your wish. In defining your objective, you must be concerned only with the objective itself. The manner of expression or the difficulties involved are not to be considered by you. To think feelingly on any state impresses it on the subconscious. Therefore, if you dwell on difficulties, barriers or delay, the subconscious, by its very non-selective nature, accepts the feeling of difficulties and obstacles as your request and proceeds to produce them in your outer world."

So instead of saying "I have a million dollars"...focus on what the feeling would be like AFTER you have the million dollars.
Don't limit yourself by thinking of how the million gets to you, just that you have it now.
Of course this would work with anything, health, wealth, whatever you need.
You can affirm until you are blue in the face, but what gets you to the point is feeling what happens AFTER, not before.
I think this is why Neville said that one of the most effective prayers is "Thank you Father", because you are already thanking God for something that hasn't happened yet.
Or at least happened in the physical world.

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