Monday, June 1, 2009

The Magic of Faith, Joseph Murphy

The Magic of Faith, Joseph Murphy

From The Magic of Faith, by Joseph Murphy.....

When you go to sleep tonight, forgive everyone. And imagine and feel your desire is fulfilled. Be­come absolutely and completely indifferent to all thought of failure, because you now know the law. As you accept the end, you have, as Troward so beautifully stated, willed the means to the real­ization of the end. As you are about to enter sleep, galvanize yourself into the feeling of being or having your desire. Your mental acceptance or your feeling as you go to sleep is the request you make of your Beloved; then She looks at your request (conviction in the subconscious mind), and being the Absolute Lover, she must give you what you asked.

"You feed among the lilies until the day breaks and the shadows flee away." The shadows are fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, and all the reasons why you cannot do something. The shadows of our five senses and race belief hover over the minds of all as we pray.

When you pray, accept as true what your reason and five senses deny and reject. Remain faith­ful to your idea by being full of faith every step of the way. When your consciousness is fully qualified with the acceptance of your desire, all the fear will go away. Trust in the reality of your ideal or desire until you are filled full of the feel­ing of being it; then the day will break and all shadows will flee away. Yes, the answer to your prayer will come, and light up the heavens of your mind bringing you peace.

No matter what the problem is, how acute, dark, or hopeless things seem to be, turn now to God, and say, "How is it in God and Heaven?" The answer will softly steal over your mind like the dew from heaven: "All is peace, joy, bliss, perfection, wholeness, harmony, and beauty"; then reject the evidence of your senses, and feed among the lilies of God and Heaven, such as peace, harmony, joy, and perfection. Realize what is true of God must be true of you and your sur­roundings. Continue in this abiding trust and faith in God "until the day breaks and the shadows flee away."

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