Wednesday, July 22, 2009

EFT, Can You Tap Your Way To Health and Wealth?

I have been reading about Carol Tuttle and doing some research on EFT recently when I ran across this article at
Now I don't believe everything I read.
But I will try something just to see what it does for me.
So I'm gonna give this technique a try and see what happens.

Here is the intro to the article which make some amazing claims......

I was skeptical when I first heard about tapping in positive statements to increase the flow of money into my life - affirmations were not my cup of tea. But I'll try almost anything once. So when a good friend of mine shared a powerful affirmation proven to increase self–esteem and attract abundance, I changed the wording around a bit to make it mine, and then experimented with my statement using the Temporal Tap technique.

Five days later, I was unexpectedly handed a check for over $18,000.00 and told to do with the money as I wished!

You can read the full article (and yes they give you the technique for free) here:

Like I said, I don't believe everything I read or hear.
But I do keep an open mind.
And I will try things other people think are crazy.

Of course reading Neville you don't have a problem with that, he always said test it yourself and see what happens.
Some though tell you that your attempts fail because you don't believe.
Well for me to believe, I have to see a positive outcome.

And as I have always said, if I EVER run across something that I know works 100%, you'll see a big "DO THIS IT WORKS!" in the blog title.
I'll tell EVERYONE and I'll tell them for free!

I don't think taping my head while saying an affirmation will hurt me, so I'm taking it out for a test drive.


Anonymous said...

did the temporal tapping work?

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

As far as I can tell not at all.

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