Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More From "The Magic of Faith"

Here's another bit from "The Magic of Faith" by Dr. Joseph Murphy, 1954.

"I told a man in one of the islands one time "to sleep" on the idea of success. He was selling magazine subscriptions. He became a great success by following this procedure: I suggested that he think of success prior to sleep; i.e., what suc­cess meant to him; what he would do if he were successful. I told him to use his imagination; then as he was about to go to sleep, fall in love with the idea of success this way: Repeat the one word, "Success," over and over again. He should get into the mood of success; then fall off to sleep in the arms of his Everlasting Lover. Your Lover—your Divine Presence—will bring to pass what­ever you accept as true. The conditions, exper­iences, and events of your life are called chil­dren of your mind."

Here again we have the "sleep manifesting" that Neville Goddard speaks about.
Quite the mind before sleep.
Fill your mind with the idea of what you want.
Really feel it.
Then drift off to sleep with the idea in your mind.

Sounds simple right?

WRONG! really, it can be very hard for some people.
You have to get the idea in your mind and get rid of other thoughts.


"I have to pay the house payment on Friday, it's Monday and I have no money."
Now you are supposed to quiet any anxious, fearful thoughts and focus on the payment already being made.
While you are trying to focus on the positive outcome, being homeless, in the streets etc., keeps coming into your mind.

Gently push the thought away and go back to positive.
Don't rail against it.
Just push it away and go back to your end result.

Don't give in or give up.
In this case you are a warrior and you cannot take no as an answer, or surrender.
And guess who and what you are fighting?
Yes, to do this you must gain mastery over YOU, no one else.

If anyone out there remembers Pogo, think about what he once said....
"We have met the enemy and he is us."

Focus on that one word, be it success, or health or love or peace.


Zoran said...
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~~ Sabre ~~ said...

Thank you Zoran!
I'm glad to be back as well.

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