Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Top Five Manifesting Reality Links

The Top Five Manifesting Reality Links

You Already Know How to Manifest Reality!
The simple truth is this. You can manifest reality, you are already doing it everyday, except. That's not the reality you want, right?

I've experimented with conscious manifesting techniques for 13 years now. For 5 years I have taught others the tools that I myself have learned in a course called 'Manifesting Results'. Some people come to the course with a preconception that I'm going to teach them how to manifest. The bad news is that I'm not going to do that. The good news is that you already DO manifest everything in your life. You always have.

At some level, each of us has always known that we have attracted people, things, and events into our lives based on our thoughts. The recognition of that is in our daily speech, such phrases as; "What you put your attention on grows", "Be careful what you wish (pray) for" etc.

It’s an uncanny phenomenon but it’s true: The Universe has a way of supporting those who get crystal clear on what they want and then wholeheartedly go after it.

It’s September, and the leaves have slowly been changing color the last couple weeks in Portland. I’ve been going through some changes myself, and I’m sure all of you are going through changes as well. One of my changes is a realization that I need to be really authentic about where I’m coming from in order to be a great coach for my clients. Since I started this business in April, it’s gone through some changes as I’ve been trying to figure out what my niche is and how I should represent myself.

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