Sunday, May 13, 2007

Excerpt from "Miracle of Imagination" Part 6

I need not remind you that you are now that which you have
assumed you are. Do not discuss this with anyone, not even
yourself. You cannot take thought as to the how, when you know
you already are! Your three-dimensional, limited reasoning mind
should not be brought into your drama. It does not know that
what you just felt is true.

Let no man tell you that you should not have your desire. What
you feel that you have, you will have. And I promise you this
much, after you have realized your objective, upon reflection
you will have to admit that your conscious, reasoning mind could
never have devised its expression. Knowing you are and have that
which you have appropriated, do not discuss it with anyone. Do
not look elsewhere for encouragement, sI'm ly go about your
Father's business, doing everything normally and naturally and
let your appropriated desires come into your world.

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