Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What is the Flow ? Part 5

Notice the words: it's when you experience flow - not if. That's
because the power of flow is absolutely attainable. To experience it
requires first of all that you choose to undertake that process. Then
you must develop the necessary skills, much as you do when you learn
to ride a bike: it takes focus to learn the basics and practice to
make it second nature - but once you know how to do it, you enjoy ease
and smoothness and elation. Flow is a lifelong process that is rich
with rewards all along the way, and this book shows you how to
undertake it.

To understand how flow works, we interviewed fifty "flowmasters" -
people highly engaged in the process of flow. They range in age from
seventeen to ninety-six and include lawyers, dancers, secretaries,
students, foundation heads, middle managers, therapists, professors,
consultants, homemakers, teachers, activists, health professionals, a
minister, a rancher, an inventor. We spent absorbing hours with them,
delving into why their lives have purpose, inner ease and joyfulness.
We asked them about their turning points, their beliefs, their daily
practices. We explored why life works so well for them, and what they
do day to day to experience flow consciously and consistently.


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