Monday, April 23, 2007

What is the Flow ? Part 4

This way of life requires paying attention to meaningful coincidence.
Caylor, for example, could have disregarded his dream and turned down
the Denver job. But over time he had developed a strong respect for
what he considers signs from the Universe, both subtle and
unmistakable. He has learned that by paying attention to these signs,
he reaches new levels of comprehension about his inner life and his
role in the world.

"Synchronicity is lyrical - a little sprite of a surprise, a little
gift," he says. "It can get so big that everything can start to talk
to you; everything can suggest things. When you enter that dimension,
synchronicity becomes part of your self-definition."

Think of the times synchronicity has happened in your life. It might
be when you thought of someone and the phone rang with that person on
the other end. Maybe you ran across someone from home in a faraway
place when you were feeling lonely, or the same number repeated itself
at significant times, or unlikely events dramatically converged to
save you in a tight spot.

When you experience flow on a daily basis, synchronicities such as
these are as natural to you as breathing. Although by its very nature,
synchronicity cannot be created, controlled, or planned, when you live
a life of flow, you can practically depend on synchronicity to show

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