Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What is the Flow ? Part 6

The flowmasters did not have only one approach to life. Some were
feisty and engaged in changing the world; some were gentle and
relaxed; some had the exuberance of children; some had thoughtful,
deliberate ways. Looking back over our discussions, commonalities
emerged. The flowmasters were open; they stretched themselves to learn
and grow; they had deep integrity; they constantly felt steadfastly
grateful; and they were dedicated to living by their inner truths.
Being with them made us feel richer, and hours of engrossing
conversation passed like minutes.

Valuable information came from two other sources as well. In response
to magazine and newspaper articles, hundreds of people from all over
the country filled out surveys on their experiences and beliefs. And
we organized nine focus groups involving 98 people across the country
who hashed through the topics, processes, and techniques we'd learned
from the flowmasters. The flowmaster interviews, surveys, and group
discussions were transcribed and sorted by subject matter into 241
categories. When printed out - a 12-hour process - the reports filled
nearly 1,600 pages.

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