Monday, April 2, 2007

The Law of Attraction, Part 5

To understand this law more fully, you need to understand that the
creative energy that is at your infinite disposal is completely
neutral. We have said that you are the physical extension of a
non-physical being, and that being, rather than being a raindrop that
has sprung forth from the rain cloud of God, is an extension of
All-That-Is that has projected itself into physical reality. As this
extension, you are tapped into the unlimited source of life force
energy, the same energy that created the physical Universe in which
you have placed yourself, the same energy that is used to create all
that you see in your reality. This energy could not be anything other
than neutral because it allows itself to be formed and molded by your
thoughts. As this energy is neutral and because it is molded by your
thoughts, it does not know the difference between what you want and
what you do not want. Because you have been given free will and you
exist in a Universe of free will and choice, this energy, which is the
All-That-Is, can only, and will only, be formed by what you are
thinking. So when you want to attract something into your life and you
do nothing but think of the lack of that thing, then the Universe can
do nothing but bring you more of what you are thinking, more lack of
the very thing that you say that you want.

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