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Manifesting Reality - From Intent to Automobile

From Intent to Automobile

In "real" life, this transformation of thought into a state of energy and then into a state of mass may translate into an experience like Lucille's.
Lucille constantly thinks about driving a new red car.
Unbeknownst to her, each time she thinks the thought, the thought instantly becomes energy, creative energy, which is subsequently absorbed by atoms and molecules; eventually it becomes part of a "thing" which emulates the thought. Obviously the more prevalent Lucille's thought is, the more creative energy it produces.
In addition, Lucille's creative energy interacts and communicates with other energy particles, which then begin to take part in becoming the thing that is thought, which, in this case is a new, red car.
Eventually Lucille's thoughts become her car.
Manifesting Reality - From Intent to Automobile

Though the above example is rather facile, it does attempt to describe how our experiences are created.
It also hints at why we have such varying types of experiences, some quite positive, while others are clearly negative.
For example, the force of Lucille's creative energy theoretically created her new, red car.
But what if she had simultaneously assumed that a new car would cost too much?
Her thoughts would also naturally focus on the exorbitant cost of it all.
Then, not only would her thoughts create the new, red car, they would also create experiences where she is charged too much interest, she buys a "lemon" that needs lots of repairs, or she ends up paying much more than she really needs to pay.
Her thoughts created energy that would become what she intended or believed she would see.
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