Thursday, February 15, 2007

How to Achieve Your Goals Effortlessly, Guaranteed

How to Achieve Your Goals Effortlessly, Guaranteed
Can you really achieve your money, health, relationship and other goals effortlessly or do you have to struggle? Can move in a way that guarantees that your goals are achieved, or are you at the mercy of luck?

Yes, you can achieve your goals effortlessly. As much as your logical mind may tell you that effortless goal achievement is impossible, that is still a conditioned belief. For evidence, look to nature.

How do you suppose a tiny seed grows into a giant tree with no construction workers supervising the ‘building’ of that tree? How do you suppose you grew without any effort on your part from a tiny egg and sperm into a full grown being? Yes, you ate, but you didn’t have to do anything to grow. How do you suppose this entire planet has sustained itself for millions and millions of years without any trucks coming in from outer space with food and material deliveries? Nature, by nature, moves forward effortlessly.

Have you ever observed the ocean’s waves crashing at a beach? Do you know how much electricity and technology, work and money, would have to go into a machine that would replicate that if we were to build one? Yet nature creates crashing ocean waves the world over for your enjoyment, free, and without any effort on the part of the ocean. Simply by being an ocean, and working with the laws of the universe, tremendous power is released effortlessly.

And that brings us to the part about the guarantee. Yes, your goals can be achieved in a guaranteed way. The amazing thing about the universe is that it is an organized place. The whole of it is one big miracle! And what keeps it going is what you may call laws of the universe. Now, these laws never err even once (you can imagine what a disaster that would be if they did).

So here is how your guarantee comes in: If you flow against these laws, then you have to struggle to achieve anything. If you flow with the laws, then, by nature, you enter effortlessness.

Now we shall look at the one law that we need to know about for effortless achievement of your goals.

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