Tuesday, January 30, 2007

SynchroDestiny by Deepak Chopra


by Deepak Chopra
As originally printed in the March 1999 issue of New Age Magazine
Date of publication: March 1999, Volume 16. Issue 2.

SynchroDestiny by Deepak Chopra

FROM TIME TO TIME, we've all experienced coincidences that seem to be
endowed with special significance. Perhaps the phone rings with a
call from a long-lost friend just as you've been thinking about that
person. Or you keep hearing a certain word or phrase in your reading
and conversation. Or something that you dreamed suddenly appears in
real life. The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung coined a word to describe
these moments of meaningful coincidence: synchronicity.

A synchronicity is a coming together of seemingly unconnected events.
If you focus your attention, you may recognize that your life is
shaped by those moments of meaningful coincidence. You may even be
able to nurture and participate in those moments in a positive way.
Together, this awareness and intention make up what I call your

In any aspect of life, attention and awareness foster growth. Whenever
you focus your attention on a subject or phenomenon, the object of
your attention will grow stronger. The more you become aware of
meaningful coincidences in your life, the more often you will
encounter them.

Moreover, meaningful coincidences are well worth your attention.
According to Vedic tradition, there are two characteristics that
define a person on the path toward enlightenment: First, a sense that
worries are disappearing. Things may go wrong, but they don't bother
you anymore. Second, in every area of your life, you become aware of a
growing number of synchronicities.

Most people experience at least one coincidence in their lives during
a single day. If you do not, don't worry. Just cultivate an attitude
of relaxed attention and intention. Nature is built on an infinite
number of coincidences, and their presence in your life will soon
become apparent.

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