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The Meaning of Intent in Quantum Mechanics, Fred Alan Wolf

The Meaning of Intent in Quantum Mechanics

An addendum by Fred Alan Wolf to Jack Sarfatti's review of Penrose's "Shadows of the Mind".

Sarfatti Note: Fred is using orthodox quantum mechanics not the nonlinear non unitary generalization implicit in Penrose's "OR" new criterion or in Stapp's Phys. Rev. A July, 1994 paper or in Josephson's complementary biological generalized quantum mechanics.
It is important to see how "intent" is already to be found in the orthodox theory.

How does will manifest in the physical world?
How is it that what I wish to accomplish sometimes occurs without seeming effort, while at other times, even with great expenditure of energy, I fail in my endeavors?
According to a new interpretation of quantum physics,observation and awareness have a far greater effect on the physical world than was previously suspected. Intent, through our powers of observation, actually modifies and alters the course of the physical world and causes things to occur that would not normally occur.

I will illustrate three new quantum principles of intent based on the old proverb of a watched pot.

a) A watched quantum pot never boils if you observe it to not boil.
b) A watched quantum pot boils if you observe it to boil.
c) A watched quantum pot boils even on a cake of ice, if you observe it to boil.

This implies that there is a deep connection between the observer and the observed.
So deep, in fact, that we really cannot separate them.
All we can do is alter the way we experience reality.
This is where intent comes in.

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