Sunday, February 8, 2015

It Works by RHJ Update

I started my "It Works by RHJ" test on December 18th, 2014 and I thought I would bring you all up to speed on it.
As I said in the last post, I had a couple of things happen that were beyond the realm of expectation.

But it seems like things have dropped off drastically.
It has been almost two months now and the core ten things that I listed have not happened.
And before you start thinking physical realm vs spiritual realm, let me remind you of what Neville always said, "Test it and see."

It Works by RHJ Update

He was a big advocate, a HUGE advocate on Faith without works is dead.
People say, "Stop focusing on the material."
Well the material is where I am creating the change.
If nothing happens, to put it simply, it's not working.

Neville always said that you had to have certain things to live your life.
And if the techniques are not getting them, there is a problem with the technique or with you.

So like with the Carole Doré technique, I don't see anything happening in the material world.
But I will give it a bit longer and see if things turn around here.

As it is, I can't recommend this book either.

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