Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Faith in God - Neville Goddard

Faith in God - Neville Goddard

From Faith in God.....

"Omnipresent, God is alive in you now, so I ask you to test Him. Would you like a better job? Greater income? Greater recognition? What would you do right now if it were true? Now test God by thinking of a friend. Hear him congratulate you on your good fortune. See his face light up with joy and feel his presence. Do that, and you have performed a magical act, for God has acted and all things are possible to God.

You do not have to devise the means necessary to make your imaginal act come to pass. He who thought of the friend and saw the whole thing will build a bridge of incident across which you will move to the fulfillment of that which has been done. That is Christ!"

Neville Goddard

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Kitsch said...

Amazing! This activity was used by our pastor to prove that God grants our prayers, we just have to focus and fully trust it in our hearts.

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