Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Simple Technique for Manifesting Success into Your Life

A Simple Technique for Manifesting Success into Your Life
By Mark Williams

Manifesting is great way to bring about the desires of your life. I want to teach you a simple technique to use manifesting to create the life you desire.
The first thing you need to realize is…
You and you alone are in charge of your life. The successes and failures in your life are directly correlated to what you think about.
A very empowering realization in life is to finally realize that you are in charge of it. The success or lack of it, in your life is not the fault of someone else or some event. Happiness and success is created by the thoughts and emotions you focus on.
Manifesting is a great tool for turning thoughts and emotions into reality. The key to successful manifesting is not just the thought of what it is you desire but putting the feelings and emotions with the thought. Coupling emotions with thoughts is a very powerful manifesting technique.
Thoughts are very powerful things but by themselves they are virtually harmless. Much like a bullet, thoughts are potentially powerful but without a firing pin it is harmless. Emotions are the firing pins of successful manifesting.

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