Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The secret of scriptural prayer, as told in the form of a parable, is to pray and never lose heart. One such parable tells of a widow who kept coming to a judge, asking for vindication. At first he did not respond, then he said to himself: "Although I neither fear God, nor regard man, yet I will exonerate her, because by her much coming, she wearies me." Parables, like dreams, contain a single jet of truth. This parable urges persistence in mastering the art of prayer. Once you have mastered it you will live in the state of thanksgiving, and all through the day you will say over and over again to yourself: "Thank you, Father."

A most effective prayer is found in the 11th chapter of the Book of John, as: "Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me, for thou always hears me." In this chapter, the story is told of someone who has died and has seemingly gone from this world. But the truth is that no one is dead to you, when you know how to pray. You may no longer touch, see, or hear those you love with your mortal senses; but if you know how to give thanks, you can move from your body of darkness into the world of light and encounter your loved ones there. Therefore, he who would learn how to pray will discover the great secret of a full and happy life.

You can not only move in space but also in time and fulfill your every desire. Prayer does not have to be confined to what a person calls self. You can pray for another by feeling they now have what they formerly wanted, for feeling is a movement. The first creative act recorded in scripture is motion: "God moved upon the face of the water."

When you are learning the art of prayer, persistence is necessary, as told us in the story of the man who - coming at night - said: "Friend, lend me three loaves of bread." Although his friend replied: "It is late, the door is closed, my children are in bed, and I cannot come down and serve you," because of the man's importunity, his friend gave him what he wanted. The word importunity means brazen impudence. The man repeated and repeated his request, unwilling to take no for an answer. The same is true in the story of the widow. These are all parables told to illustrate prayer.

The Lord's Prayer teaches the oneness of us all. It begins: "Our Father." If God is our Father, are we not one? Regardless of our race or color of skin, if we have a common Father, we must have a common brotherhood.

Eventually we are all going to know we are the Father; but in the meanwhile, persistence is the key to a change in life - more income, greater recognition, or whatever the desire may be. If your desire is not fulfilled today, tomorrow, next week or next month - persist, for persistency will pay off. All of your prayers will be answered if you will not give up.

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