Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What is Flow?

What is Flow?

Flow is the natural, effortless unfolding of our lives
in a way that moves us toward wholeness and harmony.

Introduction to "The Power of Flow"
by Charlene Belitz and Meg Lundstrom

Awakening one morning in his sunny Austin bedroom, Caylor Wadlington
heard himself saying out loud, "So I'm moving to Denver?" The words
were part exclamation, part question, and they woke him up completely.
As surprised as he was, he also experienced a happy, pleasurable
feeling. But by the next day, he had dismissed the whole thing as just
an odd dream. After all, he was cozily ensconced in Austin, where he
had lived eight years, and he knew hardly a soul in Denver.

Then, out of the blue came a phone call from an officer of his
national professional association, who invited Caylor to participate
in a week-long work meeting - in Denver. Hmmm. . . .maybe there is
something to this, Caylor thought, and without further hesitation he
said yes.

In Denver, after the meeting ended, Caylor was chatting with another
participant, a man who ran a school in the city. "Caylor, if you ever
want to live here, I'd like to hire you to teach for me," he said.
Caylor thanked him calmly, but inside he was stunned: This is amazing!
Walls are coming down to open the way for me to move here!

To leave Austin, however, would require selling a professional
business that was so specialized he figured it would take at least a
year to find a buyer. Quietly beginning to look around, Caylor invited
a friend to Sunday brunch and, over coffee and pastries, laid out the
prospect. His friend was not interested, but just as he said no, a
colleague of theirs walked in. Caylor had not thought of him as a
buyer, but struck by the timing, he told him his business was for
sale. The colleague was more than interested - he was thrilled.
"Don't tell another soul!" he said excitedly. "I definitely want it."
This seems to be happening all by itself, mused Caylor. Then he
received a letter from his landlord: Caylor's condominium was going to
be put on the market. A dream, an opportunity, an offer, the boot -
the message was unmistakable. Caylor willingly closed down his life in
charming Austin, and moved to Denver.


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