Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What is the Flow ? Part 2

Caylor wears no wings, sees no auras. But to him, life works in
magical and surprising ways when he's connected to a deeper force in
the Universe - and he knows he's connected because he feels it
physically, as a soft, warm feeling inside that links him to a sweet
expansiveness. When he's in that state, he experiences meaningful
coincidence after meaningful coincidence. "They add magic to my life,
and tell me that the action I'm taking is safe and true and right," he
says. And they point the way to new opportunities: "Although I loved
Austin, I was starting to feel bored and a little stuck professionally
and personally," he says now. "I thought that Denver might open the
way in my life to some Important changes."

Caylor lives in flow - and through it he has come into a fuller, truer
existence. Flow is the natural, effortless unfolding of our lives in a
way that moves us toward wholeness and harmony. When we are in flow,
occurences line up, events fall into place, and obstacles melt away.
Rather than life being a meaningless struggle, it is permeated with a
deep sense of purposefulness and order. Flow has tremendous power to
transform our lives, for it is dynamic and moves us unerringly toward
joy and aliveness.

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