Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Law of Attraction, Part 7

Money is a great example to illustrate this point.
With modern banking and computers, you calculate the amount of your money and your
experience in having money in more ways than just the amount of
currency notes and coins in your wallet. Your money has largely become
a set of figures. Your employers transfer money directly into your
bank account or your clients give you a cheque. All these things are
still money, but not the currency itself, they are simply things that
represent the currency. When you receive your bank statement, it can
come in two forms; it can have a positive balance or a negative
If you have a negative balance and you now owe the bank
$1,000, it is still money, is it not? You simply have a balance of
'not $1,000'. This example makes it easier to grasp this universal
experience, because most of you see an empty wallet as simply being
empty; "there is no money." But having a bank account 'in the red'
illustrates that not only does money exist, but 'no money' exists as
well, and that both things are still money.

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