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Although synchronicities may seem like events that just happen by
themselves, SynchroDestiny is definitely something that must be
learned. But this shouldn't seem at all intimidating. After all, many
things that we take for granted in our everyday lives are actually
learned behaviors and responses.

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Even the nature of the physical world is something that we learn
during early childhood. We are told that the whole truth about things
is available to our senses. Thus, when you look at a table, what you
see is exactly what's there in space and time. It's a piece of solid
matter composed of smaller pieces of solid matter all the way down to
the level of subatomic particles. This is a materialist interpretation
of reality. It's the way almost everyone lives day in and day out.

But there is another philosophy, according to which the world that we
perceive through our senses is only a version of a deeper reality. The
Greek philosophers Socrates and Plato, for example, taught that the
world of our senses is a distortion, a mirage - like a shadow playing
across a wall. Many historians believe that the Greeks were influenced
by spiritual thinkers from India, where the idea of a deeper reality
has a very long history.

In Sanskrit, the word maya refers to the illusion that we perceive the
true nature of things through our senses. But we're really seeing only
a very selective aspect of reality. That's because beyond the manifest
physical universe, there is a field of energy, information, and
intelligence that orchestrates and governs the material
environment.This ground-state of creation is the conscious energy

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