Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Manifesting Reality: FINDING CONNECTIONS


To begin, just look around at the environment you?re in at this
moment. Pick out a certain detail. It may be the color of the
wallpaper of the room you're sitting in. It may be an image on a
magazine cover. Keep the image clearly in mind for a moment.

Now listen. to all the sounds that are in your environment. Is there a
conversation going on in the next room? Is there a radio or television
playing? Is someone using a loud lawn mower outside your window? Pick
a sound and hold it clearly in your mind.

Next, pick out some object that's nearby and touch it. It can be a
coin, a book, or even a cat or a dog. Whatever it is, touch it with
full awareness, feel its texture, and pay attention to whether it's
hard or soft, cold or warm. You've had three experiences - one of
sight, one of sound, and one of touch. Now give each of those
experiences a one-word name. If your experience of sound was of a baby
crying, for example, you could call it "baby."

Over the next 24 hours, pay attention to how those words reappear in
your life - and to the memory of the sensory experiences linked to
them. As you look for those words and sense memories, you'll discover
a series of synchronicities associated with them. If you turn those
words into omens through the power of intention, you'll encounter a
series of meaningful coincidences derived from those omens.

This is truly an exercise in using SynchroDestiny. It can also be a
step toward enlightenment, a step toward a richer understanding of
your destiny and how mysterious and magical your life really is.

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