Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Neville Goddard Backed Up By Science?

I was looking at the article about Creating God in one's own image over at Science
And a thought occurred to me.
Actually it occurred to me when I read this....

"The brain scans found the same thing, particularly in a region called the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) that's been linked to self-referential thinking. The mPFC is more active when we think about our own mindsets than those of others. Epley found that it was similarly abuzz when the recruits thought about their own attitude or God's, but lower when they considered the average American. The three images below show the differences in brain activity between the three tasks and you can see that the 'God' and 'self' scans had little to distinguish them.
The results suggest that similar parts of the brain are involved when we consider our own beliefs and those of God - Epley thinks this is why we end up inferring a deity's attitudes based on those we hold ourselves."

Now instead of igniting a whole firestorm of religious belief questioning (like the article seems to have done on some forums) it made me think....
Is this not scientific back up for what Neville Goddard taught?

That God is within us and acts through our human imagination?

"you can see that the 'God' and 'self' scans had little to distinguish them."

So if the scans find little difference between God and self.....
Well, I think if you read Neville, or have studied him much, that sentence does nothing to shake your belief in God.

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